To apply to OU-HCOM you must begin by completing the  application found at the American Association of Colleges of Osteopathic Medicine Application Services (AACOMAS) site.

The medical school application process consists of two parts, the Primary and the Secondary application.
Once you have submitted your primary application, you will need to arrange to have official transcripts from all institutions attended and MCAT scores sent directly to AACOMAS. DO NOT send this information to OU-HCOM. All primary application information goes directly to AACOMAS for processing. Remember to include course information on all post-secondary work you have completed. Even if you only took one course from an institution, you will need to record it on the application and arrange to have a transcript from that institution sent to AACOMAS. MCAT scores must be electronically submitted to AACOMAS. Please note that MCAT scores more than three years old at the time of entrance are considered invalid. For example, if you are applying for the entering class of 2016, valid MCAT scores would include anything from January, 2013 to January, 2016.

It generally takes AACOMAS two to four weeks to process your application once they have your official transcripts and MCAT scores. Missing information will delay processing of your application. You can check the status of your AACOMAS application online anytime after submission.

The Office of Admissions will be using the e-mail address that you provide on the AACOMAS application for all correspondence. Please remember to set your e-mail permissions to accept correspondence from addresses. Make sure that your address appears on the primary application correctly and that you continue to monitor your account for important messages from OU-HCOM.

OU-HCOM will receive your primary application electronically from AACOMAS. Your application will then be evaluated to determine if you are eligible to receive a secondary application. Secondary application materials will be sent to you via the e-mail address listed on the primary application.

The secondary application provides applicants an opportunity to designate preferences for our Athens, Cleveland, and Dublin campuses.  A separate essay is required for each campus you rank. Ranking all three campuses does not improve your chances for an interview or admission.

If you are selected to receive a secondary application, you will need to do the following:

  • Arrange to have your letters of recommendation/evaluation sent to OU-HCOM*. Letters may be sent through regular U.S. mail, Interfolio, VirtualEvals, or through the AACOMAS application site.
  • Non-Ohio residents will need to sign a contract of admission.

An additional letter from a D.O. is strongly encouraged.

* We require either a letter from a premedical/health professions advising committee OR two letters from natural science faculty who taught you in class.

A committee letter is preferred, but if your institution does not have a committee, you must submit two letters of recommendation from natural science faculty who taught you in class. There are no substitutions for this requirement.

Once all the secondary application materials have been received by the Office of Admissions, your file will be considered complete and will be eligible for further committee review.


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