Useful Acronyms for Facilitators and Students


Some acronyms you may want to share with your group analogies and acronyms are powerful learning tools because of the way our brain works (see Brain Based Pedagogy at our FD website 


Acronym Description


ROPES For aspects of group dynamics:

Risk, Openness, Participation, Experience, Sensitivity.


SPERO For facilitating group discussions:

Sensitivity, Participation, Experience, Risk, Openness


HOPI For taking a patient history of the present illness:

History Of Present Illness.


COD2IERS For inquiries on present illness:

Chronology, Onset, Description/Duration, Intensity, Exacerbation, Remission, Social/psychological.


PMH For inquiries on past medical history:

Past Medical History


MMASH For inquiries on specific PMH.

Medical Illnesses, Medications, Allergies, Surgeries, Hospitalizations


P2QRSTU For information on complaints associated with pain:

Provoke/Palliate, Quality, Region/radiation, Severity, Temporal properties, Unusual Correlates


"VINDICATE+P" For identifying causal categories across body systems:

Vascular, Inflammatory/infectious, Neoplastic, Degenerative, Intoxication/toxic, Congenital, Allergic/autoimmune,

Traumatic, Endocrine/metabolic, and Psychosomatic


Source: Student Handbook (pp. 13, 17-18, 20, 29-31) by J. Curry, 1991, College of Medicine, The Ohio State University.