Established  1975
Location Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
Dean Kenneth H. Johnson D.O.
Degrees granted     D.O.
Dual degrees offered   D.O./M.A., D.O./M.S., D.O./M.P.H.,
D.O/M.B.A., D.O./Ph.D., M.H.A.
Total enrollment   528

Current First-Year Class


Applicants   4,129
Admitted  140
Minority   19.7%
Male/Female ratio   51%/49%
Average undergraduate  GPA 3.65
Average MCAT score 27.40
Tuition and fees
(two semesters, resident)
Tuition and fees
(two semesters, nonresident)

Residents, Interns and Fellows

The Centers for Osteopathic Research and Education (CORE)
is a medical education consortium bridging undergraduate clinical rotations
and residencies with the most respected teaching hospitals and osteopathic
medical education faculty in the nation. OU-HCOM is the academic sponsor for
osteopathic graduate medical education programs at these 27 teaching hospitals
throughout Ohio.
Graduate medical education
Osteopathic graduate
medical programs 
Medical specialties   34


Total practicing graduates as of 2013 2,897
In Ohio 1,327 (58.3%)
Outside Ohio 951 (41.7%)
Practicing in primary care* 1,142   (50.1%)
Practicing in communities 1,295
with populations of less than 50,000**
(57%) All practicing

* Primary care fields: family practice, general internal medicine and pediatrics

** A recent study ranked OU-HCOM first in Ohio and tied for 11th among all medical schools
in the country for producing the highest percentage of graduates practicing in rural areas.



Fully affiliated 106
Emeritus 11
Clinical faculty at CORE hospitals 2,182
  Ohio University
Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine
Grosvenor Hall | Athens, Ohio 45701
Tel: 740-593-2500
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