Resources for Small Group Facilitators


CPC Facilitator's Handbook: OUHCOM's Small Group Facilitator Guide

Facilitator Orientation Worksheet - Used in conjunction with a meeting

Facilitator Connoisseurship poster - test yourself!!!

CBL small group facilitator evaluation: An evaluation sheet used by students on facilitators.  Use it to help understand and self-assess your facilitation knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Case Based Learning Small Group Evaluation: An evaluation sheet used by students on the small group process.  Use this to help understand and assess the work of your group.

CPC CBL Evaluation of Student:  The evaluation form used to provide student feedback and grading.

Faculty Role Changes: From Lecturer to Facilitator: A partial list from a PBL literature review on the changes a teacher experiences moving from traditional to PBL.

Small Group Facilitation Skills and Small Group Learning: Florida State Universities Small Group Learning & Facilitation Resources (Dennis Baker)

    - 5 Stages of Group Development and How to Help a Group Progress Through the Stages

    - Lessons from Geese

    - What Makes a Group Effective

    - Example Student Profile Sheet

    - Rationale for Small Group Learning

    - The Developmental Facilitator: What One Is and What One Does

    - Self-Assessment of Your Small Group Facilitation Skills

    - Tips for Leading Case Discussions (PDF)

Facilitating Small Group Learning: Succinct Handbook

The Tutor's Tasks

Facilitator Checklist for Session 1

Conflict Management for Small Groups

Facilitator "Goals/Purposes" of CBL Self-Assessment

Presenting a Case

Small Group Case Considerations Questions

Open ended questions resource sheet

Socratic Questioning

Useful Acronyms for Facilitators and Students

How to Increase Small Group Learning Participation

Wrap Up Ideas

CPC Case Processing Model

Establishing Ground Rules (plus suggestions for ground rules on using technology in the small group classroom)

Synthesis & Integration (S&I) Primer Purposes and expected outcomes and general format suggestions

Facilitator Tips Compilation of tips from facilitator meeting agendas

Aids for Giving and Receiving Feedback (George F.J. Lehner, Ph.D., )


Facilitator Bookmarks

Access Medicine  (this resource has many textbooks, drug information, practice guidelines, diagnostic information, etc.)
American Psychiatric Association Practice Guidelines
Annals of Internal Medicine
Archives of Internal Medicine  login&password needed (OUCOM/CORE only)
JAMA The Journal of the American Medical Association   login&password needed (OUCOM/CORE only)
Mayo Clinic Proceedings
  • New England Journal of Medicine  login&password needed (OUCOM/CORE only)
  • Scientific American


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