Establishing Small Group Ground Rules

These are ground rules suggested via a facilitator meeting in December of 2005.  Please notify Dr. Davis at if you have any additions. 

Of course these are just suggestions and they are to be worked out and further defined by the group at the first meeting.

1.     Possible/Suggested Ground Rules:

One case related article each week provided by a student.  American Family Physician was suggested as a good reference.  The website is Always consider OMM/OPP
Start at 10 minutes after the hour Equal contribution
No cell phones Accept constructive criticism gracefully
Tuesday present/Thursday discuss Critique ideas not people
Mutual respect Attempt to summarize rather than read
Presenter rules Appropriate dress
Come prepared Side bar conversations
Bring resource/s Ask/answer questions to all (not just one/two people)
Listen Keep multiple conversations to a minimum
Wrap-up - positive and constructive feedback are a gift Other?
Present in alpha order No interruptions - let people finish talking
What if people are late?  (Bring food?] Support your ideas with sources and rationale
No put-downs Don't be afraid to challenge others
Provide rationale for differentials and labs Take advantage of the full two hours
Progressive disclosure of labs Add learning issues to questions as needed
Presenter becomes the scribe for the next case Submit unanswered questions to S&I panel
How you handle discussion questions? Be reflective at wrap up with likes, dislikes and improvement suggestions
Use problem list for every case Presenter serves as discussion leader and time keeper
Don't take things too personally  
Put information from readings in your own words  
















For another day...Facilitator Expectations: will ask about drugs, do not read, will ask about terms & jargon, dress, use full 2 hours