SRS Guidelines   4/12/05 version 1.0



Getting Started Checklist for Using the Student Response System

The TurningPoint Student Response System (SRS) is a software/hardware system that works with PowerPoint on a Windows PC only.  SRS allows instructors to poll/survey the class, based upon a question in a PowerPoint slide.  Students respond by using an assigned keypad, which sends a signal to a receiver.   Responses automatically tally and results display within 15 seconds as a chart with numbers indicating the responses for each answer.  The results can be automatically stored in an Excel file either by student name or by keypad number. 


SRS only works when a TurningPoint authoring version of PowerPoint is used to create the ppt file and TurningPoint presentation software is installed on a computer used in a classroom that has the keypads and electronic signal receivers.   Currently, only Irvine 194 and Irvine 199 are configured for this, but a portable system can be scheduled for remote locations upon request.


Help is available from, Faculty Development, Tech Shop, and Instructional Development.




 “Introduction to TurningPoint”training manual:












“Best Practices” Regarding the SRS.

Tips for the Faculty When Authoring SRS Questions













Tips for the Faculty When Presenting SRS Questions







Tips for Students






Wait a second or so after you press your response and see if your number is displayed in the table at the bottom of the PowerPoint slide and that the number turns a color.  That confirms receipt of your answer.  Please be patient if the table rotates, it will come back to your number.  If you don’t see confirmation, press once again.  Do not repeatedly press the keypad button as it may cancel out your signal/answer.


         Because the keypads turn off automatically after 10 minutes, check to see if the green light is on before answering the next question.



Keypad Distribution and Management Plan

For a Scheduled Regular Session Using the SRS

All keypads are numbered and placed on a table with the student photo sheets showing an assigned keypad number for each student.  The student picks up the keypad and takes it to his/her seat.

The students return the keypads to the table as they leave.


For a Scheduled S & I Session Using the SRS

Mark places student name table tents along with keypad number and corresponding keypads at each seat in the lecture hall.   A class list is kept up to date in an excel file for a participants list.  At the end of an S & I Mark gives a copy of the S & I scores file to the panel moderator.  Mark also sends a copy to Cheri Tarantelli in evaluation.  The scores file and the S & I PowerPoint on the Irvine computer are deleted.   The students are asked to return the keypads and table tents to the table near the exit as they leave.


For a Scheduled Remote Session Using the SRS

Faculty member picks up the carrying case with equipment from Mark Loudin, 194 Irvine.  Carrying case includes 25 keypads, one receiver, cables, printed instructions, extra disc, etc..  This assumes that the presentation software has already been installed on a portable computer to be used at the remote location.  (Allen Reed 3-2169)


Management During Non-use Times

Secure the keypads in Irvine 194.

Check for dead batteries and malfunctions routinely

Submit a best practices and trouble report routinely


TurningPoint Software Update Plan

As the new updates of the TurningPoint authoring and presentation software are made available,

the Tech Shop will notify all of the faculty and help them install the updates to their machines as needed.

The Tech shop will maintain a list of presentation machines and keypads as per our license agreement.

The Tech shop will be the first contact for maintenance and licensing issues.

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