Ohio University MicroCT Facility

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Getting access to the scanner: Access to the OUÁCT is limited to the Ohio University research community. The mechanism by which Ohio University researchers can get access to the scanner is detailed in the Policies & Procedures. Briefly, users must either be approved operators or be working through an approved operator. Potential users will need to submit an application to the Director of the OUÁCT (L. M Witmer). A ruling by the panel will follow shortly thereafter.

Scheduling a scan session: Once an application for a Scan Project is approved by the panel. The user can schedule a scan session by contacting R. C. Ridgely. Note: Please do not use the scanner without first scheduling a session with Ridgely, because other users may have a time-sensitive scanning job already scheduled for that time.

OUÁCT Schedule-at-a-Glance: Approved operators can look at the OUÁCT Scheduling Calendar to see what upcoming slots are available, after which they can contact R. C. Ridgely to schedule time.

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